• Databases

Skyridge System offers expertise in industry standard database management systems (DBMS), including:

  • Microsoft® SQL Server™
  • Oracle® Database
  • MySQL
Software Development

Skyridge can develop applications which work with your existing database technology. We have experience with many industry-standard and open source database management systems. We can also help you select the database system which is the right fit for the needs of your project.

DBA Support

Skyridge can help you work towards your targets for performance, uptime, security, and recoverability. We have experience in maintaining existing databases and setting up databases for new applications. We can optionally combine on-site and remote support to create a solution that meets your needs.

Data Modeling

Skyridge can help you with your data modeling requirements. From creating database schemas to modeling the storage and flow of data for multiple applications, we can work with you to design solutions which are a perfect fit for your corporate systems.

Porting and Data Conversion

We can assist you in migrating applications from one DBMS to another. We port database schemas, including stored procedures and triggers, and plan and perform the data migration. We can also modify and tune custom applications as necessary to accommodate the target DBMS.