Smartphones & Tablets

  • Smartphone and Tablets

It's a wireless world. Harness the power of mobile devices to stay connected with your clients and your staff — wherever they are.

Skyridge has experience in designing, developing and delivering custom applications for platforms such as:

  • Android™ phones and tablets
  • iPhone® and iPad®

We can improve the effectiveness of your business with the ability to capture and access data from any location.

Voice and Photo Annotation

Skyridge can tailor forms-based data collection with voice and photo annotation to suit your business requirements. Handheld devices are an efficient way to capture basic information, but lacking when it comes to extensive text entry.

  • Voice annotation allows detailed notes to be captured anywhere for later review and optional transcription.
  • Photo annotation can reduce or eliminate text entry. Photos also allow for later review to pick out additional relevant details.
  • Voice and photo annotations are associated with specific fields on a form; they are not merely stored as a series of clips or attachments to the form. Annotations become an integral part of the form's data.
Enhanced Data Collection

Skyridge can work with you to enhance your data collection capabilities with additional automation technologies, such as:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • RFID scanners
  • GPS

We can help you evaluate and select the data collection technologies which are the right fit for your business needs.

Extend Corporate Applications

We specialize in handheld applications that are extensions of your corporate systems. Essential portions of these systems become available from any location. This approach increases accuracy and minimizes redundancy compared to stand-alone handheld applications.

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